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Refund Policy

Scope: This policy applies to all services provided by Ikonic Detailing, including but not limited to, vehicle detailing, cleaning, and related services.

1. Deposits:

  • Non-Refundable Nature: All deposits made for booking services with Ikonic Detailing are non-refundable. Deposits secure your appointment and cover preliminary expenses related to your scheduled service.
  • Exceptions: In exceptional circumstances, such as service cancellation by Ikonic Detailing or force majeure events, deposits may be credited for future services but will not be refunded.

2. Service Payments:

  • Full Payments: Payments for detailing services are due upon completion of the service.
  • Non-Refundable Services: Once a detailing service has been completed, payments are non-refundable. We ensure high-quality standards; however, any concerns regarding service quality must be addressed immediately/on-site of service completion for possible rectification.

3. Cancellation Policy:

  • Simplified Policy: We require clients to inform us as soon as possible if they need to cancel their appointment. However, please note that deposits are non-refundable.

4. Quality Guarantee:

  • Commitment to Quality: We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional detailing services. If you are dissatisfied with our service, please contact us within 24 hours of service completion.
  • Rectification Service: In cases where service quality is demonstrably below our standards, we will offer a complimentary rectification service.

5. Exceptions and Special Circumstances:

  • Ikonic Detailing reserves the right to consider refunds or credits in special circumstances at the company’s discretion. These will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

6. Contact Information: For any queries or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us at:

  • Email: Josh@ikonicDetailing.com
  • Phone: (888) 405-2675

7. Policy Amendments: Ikonic Detailing reserves the right to modify or amend this policy at any time. Any changes will be communicated through our official channels.